CSS Grid - What is this Magic?!

A presentation at Junior Dev Melbourne in in Melbourne VIC, Australia by Amy Kapernick

We’ve all heard a lot in the last year about a new advancement in the world of CSS, called CSS Grid. Starting off at whispers, we’re now starting to hear it as a deafening roar as more and more developers write about it, talk about it, share it and start using it. I see it everywhere I turn and am excited as I start to use it in my own projects.

The reason CSS Grid is gaining so much attention, is because it’s a game changer for front end and layouts. With a few simple lines of code, we can now create imaginative, dynamic, responsive layouts.

While there is so much to worry about when developing an app, CSS Grid means that you can worry less about building the layout on the front end, and more about making cool animations and text effects. Let me show you how the magic works.

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