So You Think You Know HTML?

A presentation at Fenders June Presentations in in Perth WA, Australia by Amy Kapernick

When we begin learning about building the web, HTML is the best place to start. HTML is used in every website there is and gives us elements to use with other languages like CSS and JavaScript. We've all learnt HTML and know how to use it right?

But the truth is, we often don't finish learning HTML, and it's not something we go back to down the track. Once you've covered divs and spans, is there really any more to learn? How often do you hear someone say that they're going to brush up on their HTML before they can start on something else?

Semantically correct elements not only help you to make sure your code is structured properly, it can help reduce the need for extra styles that the browser might include automatically. Writing semantically correct code also makes your site more accessible to people using assistive technologies as the tool knows what to expect from certain elements.

So let's go back to the beginning, back to where we started, and let me reveal how to achieve more from your HTML.


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