How to Build an Inaccessible App

A presentation at NDC Porto 2020 in in Porto, Portugal by Amy Kapernick

Accessibility is a word often thrown around, but what does it actually mean? As framework starters (like Create React App) start including accessibility testing plugins in their out of the box tests and fill our consoles with warnings, we’re starting to see more people include aria attributes, and make sure their images have alt tags, but is this really helping?

While it’s tempting to do whatever it takes to stop the warnings, there are times when the recommendations aren’t clear and lead you to including un-needed code or even making the application unusable!

Let me show you how to decipher these warnings, and how to make sure you’re not actually making your app more complex and less accessible than it needs to be. Find out what tools you can use to include accessibility in your existing testing and what you really need to be doing with your code to make sure you’re building a good experience for all users.