Accessibility by Everyone (and for Everyone)

A presentation at DDD Brisbane in in Brisbane QLD, Australia by Amy Kapernick

In a world where technology use is becoming a necessity rather than a shiny toy, gone are the days where a household didn’t even own a computer, instead everyone over the age of 5 is expected to have at minimum a smart phone or tablet.

But as we build the digital tools that people need for their day-to-day, we can accidentally put barriers in the way of those with disabilities, preventing them from using the tools, preventing them from being a part of our technology dependent society.

Not everyone uses technology the same way, which is why making sure we’re building accessible technologies is so important, why we need to ensure that everyone can use it, even in ways that are different from how we expect.

Join me as we look at how we can make our technologies more accessible, who benefits (spoiler alert, it’s everyone) and why it’s everyone’s responsibility to make this possible and not just “someone else’s job”.

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